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Paul Santisi loves to GIVE GIVE GIVE away FREE amazing content!

These audios have already helped millions of people enter the world of meditation with ease. 



Hi, Paul Sansi here. Whether you meditate often or you're just a beginner in your quest for spiritual enlightenment, the fact is knowledge is power, but it needs to be the right knowledge.

I myself, I only speak for a place of real life personal experience. It's only after months or years of learning and applying something first that I qualify to teach it. My audios in the areas of personal development, self-empowerment, and spiritual awareness are some of the most listened to audios in the world, and I love to give away life-enhancing information, and I am excited to give you these four powerful audios for free.

You will get this one titled Truths about Astral Projection, where you will learn some specifics on what Astral projection is, and most of all, how to effectively experience it. You'll receive this audio truths about collective consciousness that talks about source energy and how to dial into this energy and virtually be able to download knowledge, answers, and wisdom.

Then you'll receive this one Truths about Spirit guides, where I reveal some pretty powerful information and techniques on how you can connect with your spirit guides.

Then you'll get this one truth's about the mind's eye, where I reveal information about the mind's third eye and the powers that we all have to release some amazing abilities into our lives, such as intuition, healing powers, memory, psychic abilities, and more.

If you're looking to expand your awareness and release your energetic powers and abilities to release who you really are and what your life purpose is, these are must listen audios and you can download them now for and may you never be the same..


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  • ​Learn some truths on how you can speed up your results by applying proven and effective untold techniques. Topics covered. Astral Projection, Spirit Guides, The Minds Eye and Collective Consciousness.
  • ​​Audios are based on experience. I spent years learning and applying this material in my own life before I felt I "qualified" to record it and share it with others.



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