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Paul Santisi loves to GIVE GIVE GIVE away FREE amazing content!

Their is only four types of people that you should listen to. find out why 98% get it wrong every time! 



Hi I am Paul Santisi, In this quick video, I want to talk about A FREE AUDIO that I want you to have  that talks about an amazing ability that we all have, but we often overlook it.

It's the ability to discern.  I’ve said this for years, that our eyes and ears will always deceive us, And our gut feeling is always there to guide us in the right direction.

Think about a time when you've had a bad feeling about something or someone, but you ignored it because everything looked okay on the surface.

Later, you found out that your gut feeling was right all along.
That's the power of discernment.  It's a gift that we all possess, however 99% of people never fully grasp how to use it.

For a limited time I want to give you a fascinating audio that I recorded, titled “Who Do You listen To” that can help you tap into your abilities when it comes to discernment.

This audio is available right now and for a limited time you can have it FREE, all you need is your best email and I will send it to you instantly so you can listen to it.

This audio retails and sells on the main website for $97 all day long. You know what, It should cost you a $1,000 to learn what I had to learn the hard way. However you know me I love to GIVE GIVE and GIVE.

In this audio, I will guide you through exercises that can help you develop your intuition and hone your discernment skills.

You'll learn how to listen to your inner voice, and how to recognize the signs and signals that your body is sending you in the moment.
When you can discern the truth through feeling, you'll be able to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

You will never have to overthink or ask others there opinions ever again. You will know what to do, you will know what to say, you will know how to respond. It’s magical.

You'll be able to spot opportunities that others miss, and you'll be able to avoid pitfalls that others fall into.

So, don't miss this opportunity to download this fascinating audio titled “who do you listen to while its free.

Let’s end this video here. This limited time FREE offer will not last forever. Make sure to grab a copy of this fascinating audio right now while its free.  TRUST me you will be glad you did.


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  • This audio is all about discernment and how it shaoes your life.
  • ​This audio reveals the "real meat" formula that has never been presented quite like this before.
  • ​​Audio is based on experience. I spent years learning and applying this material in my own life before I felt I "qualified" to record it and share it with others.

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free audios hurry png

© 2023 - At-Ease Direct, LLC  All rights reserved

free audios hurry png