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Paul Santisi is one of the most listened to authors in the world. In the areas of personal development, self empowerment, guided meditations and spiritual awareness.

Paul's intention is to assist the able to become more able in all aspects of their life. Paul continues to appear on many television, podcasts and radio programs all over the world which empower people from all walks of life.

In addition to having his own television show(s), LIVE shows, podcasts, apps and radio network, Paul has not only created he continues to openly share more guided meditations than anyone else on the planet.




Paul grew up in the town of Danvers Massachusetts a suburb of Boston. His Mom did day care out of the house and his Dad sold children's books to supermarkets with his best friend Eddie aka 'captain'.

Life was good. Summers were full of sports and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and bike riding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

During the Holiday season he and his family would sell Christmas trees out of their drive way to make extra money.

Then tragedy struck one Friday evening. Paul’s Dad never made it home from the office. He was killed by an erratic 18 year driver going 85mph because he was mad he had to stay 10 minutes late at work that day. Instantly at 13 years old Paul was forced to grow up fast.

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Paul got his first job at Mc Donalds making the food. Paul Always felt he was capable of more.  He searched out and then found his “father like” mentors in the self help and personal development field. Paul spent years reading, listening to audios and going to live events wanting to learn all he could about life.

He would do what he had to do just to get in-front of his mentors even it was just for 30 seconds, just to ask the question "what is it that they know that gave them such success."

While obsessing to know more, Paul spent most of his time in restaurant kitchens, cooking and eating as he expanded his dreams of who he wanted to become.

Then one day he was visiting a friend working at a pizza shop on Rt1 In Saugus Massachusetts who gave him a cassette tape that changed his life.

From there he went on to study, learn and apply all he could in the direct response industry. From there he started his own company selling products and services on television, radio and in newspapers. (This was before the internet folks). He kept to his roots and only sold products that were designed to help other people get more of what they wanted from life.

From there Paul enjoyed tremendous financial success at a young age. Paul went from his mom’s basement (shown below) to over 100 employees in under a year, before unconsciously taking his eye off his dream.

Before he could blink he had lost it all. Suddenly he was back at square one. For the next 10 years Paul was stuck in what he calls his “dark days”. He became a victim of circumstance. Pointing his finger at everyone else to why his life sucked.

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That landed him back in restaurants. Working mornings and afternoons at a light factory. Then at nite he would work events at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem Massachusetts. No matter how hard Paul worked he could never make ends meet enough to stay ahead. Paul was stuck in what he calls the "hell loop" of life.

Then one Tuesday morning this big Italian truck driver named Eddie from New Jersey who was delivering to the factory came in for breakfast. Eddie heard Paul yelling at people over eggs and pancakes.

He said to Paul "bro what’s up" I can see you're not yourself. Eddie then handed Paul an audio CD and said listen to this it will help you feel better. The moment Paul held the CD in his hands he saw he whole life flash before him.

He suddenly remembered who he used to. That nite Paul went up to his attic pulled out all his old materials and started to re engage in his own personally development.

In one of those books Paul read “nothing in life is a setback", everything is a "set up" for something great.

As if by magic the next day Paul was fired from his day job. A new owner bought his location and terminated him effective immediately. Paul was shook but a feeling on the inside felt okay since he knew somehow this was a “setup” for something great..

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Within two weeks from being fired Paul’s friend Joe insisted he go with him, bought Paul a ticket to Las Vegas for a weekend event.

On that Saturday afternoon April 12th, 2012 Paul was walking by the Starbucks at the MGM grand casino hotel with less than 10 buck in his pocket and heard a voice from within that said, “you will create meditations”, “you will create meditations”.

Paul said to this overwhelmingly persistent voice "okay" I will create meditations even though he had never meditated before or knew anything about it.

The voice left and then returned once Paul got home. This voice guided him to make his first meditation titled “frequency”.

That one audio launched Paul into becoming one of the most listened to authors on the planet In the areas of personal development, self empowerment and spiritual awareness.

Paul continues to to be leader in the field. Paul only speaks and teaches from real life experience.

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Paul Santisi University is now one of the fastest-growing, highest member retention membership sites on the internet in personal development.

With a following of millions, reaching people in every country in the World. Paul Santisi's desire for others to be have and do anything that they can desire is reaching the masses.

Paul continues to create audios, videos, courses, programs and content that "positively impacts the whole person".  Paul continues to popularize the concept that "what you want, wants you".


Paul is family man, married to his pumpkin Patty for 16 years.Together they have two children and a dog named Frankin. They now reside in sunny Florida.




  • ​You know their is more to life and you want more!
  • ​You know you do a good job of navigating through each day, however your not here to just get by.
  • ​You are here to CONQUER life and achieve your dreams!
  • ​My "core" intention is to assist capable and able people.
  • ​I want you to experience the same “a-ha” moments "cognition's" information that 99% of others out their teach. and "realizations" that took me decades to figure out on my own, while "I WASTED" tens of thousands of dollars on BOGUS and USELESS
  • ​The question is, why not you? and why not now?
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